Day 1 of CELTA in Buenos Aires

Deeeeeeeep siiiiiiigh.

Day 1 of the CELTA in Buenos Aires is over. And what a day it was!

We had a brief, 20-minute introductory session when we arrived at 9 a.m., then we observed our tutors teaching for the next 2 hours, until 11:30. We debriefed quickly and did a bunch of paperwork, then broke for lunch (empanadas!). The afternoon was information overload, and we were sent home with quite a bit to read (no fewer than 30 handouts and papers, front and back), an open-book “quiz” to complete, and a 40-minute lesson to prepare for.

Our day was supposedly over at 5 p.m., but I stayed at International House until about 6:30 preparing handouts and making copies for my lesson tomorrow morning. Talk about being thrown in the deep end! I think things will get slightly easier as we all fall into our routines, but it’s a lot of work no matter which way you slice it.

Tomorrow I am teaching a listening lesson about optical illusions. It’s pretty cool, actually. I hope it goes well! I am always nervous, at least at first, but it’s a small class (6 female students), so hopefully I will learn to feel comfortable.

I’ll spend the first two weeks teaching upper intermediate students, and the last two weeks teaching lower intermediate students (we switch). I teach on these days:

Week 1: Tue., Thur., Fri.
Week 2: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur.
Week 3: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur.
Week 4: Wed., Fri.

Only 8 of those days are “assessed.”

And actually, Mon. and Tue. of Week 4 are holidays! Woo! I have a feeling they will come just as we are all feeling quite burnt out. The question, though, is should I try to take a short trip…?

In other news, I ordered my lunch today in Spanish — successfully! And I bought a 2-ring binder using Spanish — successfully! I also found that the “supermarket” (a little weird; I call it the grocery) right across the street from my building has almost everything I will need on a regular basis, which is good, good, good news since I have much less time on my hands now!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish up my work for tomorrow!

:::disappears under a stack of papers:::