I’m as packed for South America as you can be the night before departure. See?

It’s all in the Osprey, and it all fits! Okay, the only things NOT in the Osprey are my carry-ons — my black cross-body bag and my laptop.

Wanna see what my packing spreadsheet looks like at the moment? Sure you do!

That’s organization, right there! Green is for what’s packed. Blue is for what I’m wearing. Yellow is for what I still need to get out / what I might not take, and white is for things that I’ll be using up until the last minute, and that’s why they’re not packed yet. Red text is for what I’m sending home after the course. Blue text is for liquids (no idea why I decided that was an important distinction).

I’ve been in touch with my classmates for the CELTA, and I think most of us are going to try to get together this weekend. I arrive in Buenos Aires on Friday morning, so I’ll probably take the rest of Friday to settle in, get some pesos, get my bearings, and (maybe) nap. Saturday is for exploring :) :D

I’m so excited!