A few more things went in the Osprey

Tonight I packed a few more things. (See what was already in the bag.) Into the Osprey went:

  • black sleeveless undershirt
  • beige sleeveless undershirt
  • brown sleeveless undershirt
  • green ruffle-front shirt (doubles as undershirt)
  • black and gray racerback (doubles as undershirt)
  • black sweater
  • rain jacket (folds up into its own pocket!)

I’m probably bringing too many undershirts. Whatever. I also started packing my purse/shoulder bag:

  • pocket tissues (double as TP in a pinch)
  • vitamins
  • hand sanitizer
  • hair ties
  • passport
  • Spanish phrase book
  • travel journal
  • headphones
  • hand lotion
  • Tums
  • chapstick
  • anti-diarrhea prescription from the lovely lady at the travel clinic
  • tiny umbrella (I may take this out)

Also into the purse will go my camera/accessories, phone/charger, ID and all my paperwork, and the one book I’m allowing myself to bring. I have to have a book. A real book. One I can write in, and mark pages, and spill my lunch on — so I can remember later that little cafe I was in when I was reading that part. That’s really important.

The bags are filling up. Here are some photos.

Some of what went into the Ariel 65 tonight:

The Osprey, filling up: