Climbing in Wales

We went to Wales to climb in Snowdonia. Our campsite for the week was at the north end of Llyn Gwynant (“llyn” meaning “lake”), and it was a pretty scenic spot, if overrun… Continue reading

Museums and liquor… DO mix?

After a late wake-up (I didn’t get home from my movie the night before until midnight — so late for me!), I had a leisurely breakfast, packed my things in preparation for my… Continue reading

When in Amsterdam, After All, One Cycles

In spite of the persistent forecasts, I woke up to another sunny day. I celebrated by returning to the De Pjip neighborhood and having a fancy-schmancy breakfast at Anne&Max, one of the hip… Continue reading

Rain, Magazines, & Museums

I saw the worst weather of my trip on Sunday. The morning was overcast but dry, so I walked up to Bloemenmarkt. There are tulips, tulips everywhere. Bulbs to take home, garden knicks… Continue reading

Street Markets and Cycling in Amsterdam

On my way to the Albert Cuyp Market, I took a detour through Vondelpark, which was pretty quiet at about 9:30 a.m., save for the Serious Joggers and a few cyclists. And one guy… Continue reading

First things first in Amsterdam: Tulips

After a late evening arrival to Amsterdam, I saw the city in daylight for the first time this morning. It’s objectively one of the most picturesque European cities I’ve been to. Every street… Continue reading

The Lonely Road: Shit is getting real.

I feel like no one talks enough about the negative parts of solo long-term travel. I want to change that. If you don’t want to be bummed out, LOOK AWAY! JK, but for… Continue reading

Abandoned Berlin: Photographs

On Monday morning, I got a text from a Berlin Instagramer I know: “Photo walk at abandoned swimming pool. Meet at 11:30. See you?” I had no reason to say no, so I… Continue reading

Ahoy, Berlin!

Weirdly, two of the first things I did in Berlin were go for a run and go to the climbing gym. As I was staying in Mitte my first few nights, I ended up running… Continue reading