The Lonely Road: Shit is getting real.

I feel like no one talks enough about the negative parts of solo long-term travel. I want to change that. If you don’t want to be bummed out, LOOK AWAY! JK, but for… Continue reading

Abandoned Berlin: Photographs

On Monday morning, I got a text from a Berlin Instagramer I know: “Photo walk at abandoned swimming pool. Meet at 11:30. See you?” I had no reason to say no, so I… Continue reading

Ahoy, Berlin!

Weirdly, two of the first things I did in Berlin were go for a run and go to the climbing gym. As I was staying in Mitte my first few nights, I ended up running… Continue reading

Two Years Later: Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going

I started this blog in May of 2011. In March of 2012, I wrote A List of Trips I Think Would Be Awesome. Two and a half years later, in November 2014, I am surprised… Continue reading

Halloween at Tivoli

I am always balancing work and play, so I didn’t see as much of Copenhagen as I would have liked to. I did briefly make it to the cemetery I’d heard so much… Continue reading

København From Above and “Below”

After a glorious morning run along the Amager Strand, a nice little stretch of beach with a cool little island attached via a few bridges, the sun came out for my first full… Continue reading

A Swede Welcomed Me to Copenhagen

I decided it would be fun to spend a few days in Copenhagen on my way from Stockholm to Berlin — since I am taking the train, it’s a nice way to break up the journey, too.… Continue reading

Stockholm Pizza Party

I went to a pizza party with a bunch of Italians on my last night in Stockholm, but it felt right. Of course, this is after I finally got my Stockholm crêpe: Found… Continue reading

Things About Cruise Ships

Until this week, I hadn’t been on a cruise ship since 2006. And before that, it was 1999, when I cruised to the Bahamas with my family. Those instances are the extent of… Continue reading