On Life As a Digital Nomad

I have been a nomadic digital freelancer for six months now. First I’m going to bitch about it, then I’ll tell you how fun it is. So, I left my rented space in… Continue reading

Oh Canada!

After 29 years on earth, I finally made it to Canada, the U.S.’s northern neighbor! I only had a long weekend to spare, so I checked out Vancouver and made a day trip up… Continue reading

The Coastal Pacific Northwest

I spent a few days traveling up the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Seattle. The landscape along the way was some of the most beautiful I have seen in the United States… Continue reading

East Coast to West Coast

My East Coast to West Coast road trip took me 50 days. March 22 to May 10. DC to SF. I spent 12 of those days in the car, driving from one city… Continue reading

What’s Next: Road Trip!

I believe in The Great American Road Trip. We often make it a point to see places off the beaten path when we are traveling in other countries, so why should our knowledge… Continue reading

The Last Stop: Madrid

I found myself back in Madrid almost two weeks after my arrival to Europe in January. I had two days to enjoy the city this time, instead of heading straight for another plane,… Continue reading

I Love Lisboa

I’d had a few friends tell me Lisbon (Libsoa) was an underrated European city, but I had no idea how much I’d like it! I’m really glad I made the city a priority… Continue reading

Portugal’s Algarve: Sagres

After Lagos, I headed to Sagres, the westernmost part of Europe. (By the way, locals pronounce both of those cities with a soft “sh” at the end — so, “Lagosh” and “Sagresh.”) Sagres… Continue reading

Portugal’s Algarve: Lagos

After Sevilla, I took a bus over to the Algarve, the southern coast of Portugal. My first stop was Lagos, which is known as kind of a party town during high season, but… Continue reading