Fika with the Swedes

Okay, let’s talk about one of my favorite things about Sweden so far: Fika! For Swedes, “having a fika” (FEE-kah) means taking a break from work, shopping, or whatever you’re doing to have coffee and… Continue reading

Swedish Meatballs, Bjork, & Gamla Stan

I had a very Swedish evening last night: meatballs at Pelikan in Södermalm, then a projection of Björk’s Biophilia at Rio, a very cool old theatre they now use for lots of things… Continue reading

Photography in Stockholm

So, I’m in Sweden! I arrived in Stockholm earlier this week, and so far I’ve done some work and gone to the climbing gym. I haven’t seen much of the city yet, but… Continue reading

The Best Museum in the World Is in Zagreb

I spent my last two nights in Croatia in Zagreb, and on my final night, I visited a wonderful museum that I had been looking forward to seeing since I first started researching… Continue reading

Plitvice (With Regrets)

I’d seen some incredible photos online of Plitvička Jezera, the national park in the middle of Croatia that features a huge series of lakes, impressive cascading waterfalls, the clearest blue-green water, and a… Continue reading

Split for a Day

After taking the (very) early morning ferry over from Hvar (sadly 6:30a and 7:30a are the only options), I spent the day in Split. It’s a nice city with some interesting corners. The… Continue reading

Hvar island by scooter

I’d met a new friend on the ferry back from Palmižana, and after a series of happenstantial meetings on the main square this morning, this Frenchman and I ended up renting a scooter… Continue reading

Croatia: Land of the non-sandy “sandy beach”

When the waves crash on the beach, they make a lovely sound as they trickle back through to the water. It is mid-afternoon, and a group of men on one of the boats… Continue reading

Hello Hvar

The church on Hvar Town’s main square rings its bells for a full minute at six o’clock in the morning, every morning. At first you think it is ringing the hour — six… Continue reading