The Wachau Valley & the Danube River

We’d booked a bit of a tour for one of our days in Vienna. You can buy a “combo” ticket for a train from Vienna to Melk, entrance to the Melk Abbey, a… Continue reading

A Few Gems in the City of Music

Vienna feels big, especially compared to Prague. I know Prague is also a big city, but the part you usually spend time in as a tourist is pretty manageable. Our flat in Vienna… Continue reading

Bratislava in a Day

You can buy a round-trip train ticket from Vienna to Bratislava for 15 euros, so I decided that’d be a fun place to spend a day. I arrived around 10:30 a.m. and strolled… Continue reading

Goodbye Prague

I woke up at the crack of dawn on Friday to take some goodbye photos of Prague before we hopped our train to Vienna. It was overcast and a bit foggy, but I… Continue reading

Jazz in Prague

Prague has definitely grown on me. Thursday we explored on Petrin Hill (we took the funicular up), tried trdelnik, which is a spiraled pastry coated in cinnamon and sugar, then wandered through the Jewish… Continue reading

Prague, Counterclockwise

We wandered Prague again Wednesday, starting at the Astronomical Clock. We caught the hourly “chime” at 1 p.m., which consisted of some bells, and two windows opening above the clock face, through which… Continue reading

Hello Prague

I find myself back in Europe for the second time this year. Several of my destinations this time are in Eastern Europe, and I expect them to differ somewhat from the sun-soaked, wine-drenched… Continue reading

On Life As a Digital Nomad

I have been a nomadic digital freelancer for six months now. First I’m going to bitch about it, then I’ll tell you how fun it is. So, I left my rented space in… Continue reading

Oh Canada!

After 29 years on earth, I finally made it to Canada, the U.S.’s northern neighbor! I only had a long weekend to spare, so I checked out Vancouver and made a day trip up… Continue reading